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At Okinus, our goal is to provide families with easy access to fast, flexible solutions to lease purchase high-quality merchandise at an affordable price while rebuilding credit. The good news is that you have instant access to what you want when you need it, with no credit needed financing.

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Bad Credit? No Credit? Need a Solution? Approvals Up To $8,000!

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No Credit Needed

Okinus Credit Solutions utilizes a ‘lease-purchase contract’ rather than a traditional loan. Our proprietary system takes into consideration factors other than your credit score when deciding whether to approve or deny an application. This “No Credit Needed” approach means we do not affect your credit score negatively when you apply.  We can approve more candidates because of our patented decision approach, which looks beyond poor credit, no credit, and bankruptcy. We do, however, help to improve your credit by reporting on-time payments to Equifax and TransUnion. It is our goal to provide immediate help in obtaining needed consumer products while also helping re-establish credit.


  • Earn $1,200 a month before deductions
  • Checking Account that's been open past 3 months

Frequently Asked Questions

I got approved at another store. Can I use my approval at CB Furniture? Yes, of course! Due to our unbeatable deals, many customers that applied at other retailers prefer to shop at CB Furniture instead. Your not obligated to overpay somewhere else. Just call Okinus at 1-800-472-1334 and tell them you prefer to use your approval at CB Furniture instead.

I don’t want my credit checked. Will Okinus check my credit score before approving my financing? Generally, we do not conduct a formal credit investigation of our customers. We verify a customer’s residence and sources of income and, in some cases, review the customer’s bank statement. References provided by the customer are also contacted to verify the information contained in the application form.

Does Okinus report to the credit bureaus? Yes. Okinus reports to Equifax and Transunion.

What is the maximum amount of financing that Okinus provides? Okinus approves up to $8,000 if you have an active bank account and regular monthly income.

How much will I pay in interest? Okinus offers 90 days same as cash (or cash price if paid within 90 days). After 90 days, there is no interest rate but rather a lease fee. The total amount paid will depend on how soon you pay it off.

How do I make payments? Payments are automatically drafted from your checking account on a certain date (see contract if already financing). 

How do I get a hold of Okinus? If you have further questions regarding financing or an existing account you can reach Okinus at:

Phone 1-800-472-1334
Fax 229-294-0441
Mailing Address
147 West Railroad Street, South
P.O. Box 691
Pelham, Georgia 31779