About Us

CB Furniture opened it's doors on April, 1 2008: at the dawn of the financial crisis and recession of 2008. We started in an 1,800 sq. ft. showroom in Grand Prairie, TX. From the beginning, we were well aware of the big hurdles the company would face from the beginning as the economy worsened. CB had to be a special kind of furniture retailer. We searched for the best values and we passed them on to our customers. With a strong emphasis on customer service, value, and quality we thrived while our competitors shrank, closed stores, or went completely out of business. Our customer base grew by the day, due mostly to worth of mouth.


Today we have 3 showrooms that permit us to showcase the newest quality styles coming out on the market. With 50,000 square foot of warehousing, we stock what we show! What does that mean to our customers? It means they shop here with confidence knowing they're getting brand new, out of the box merchandise at the best prices, available now! Today, We're still based and operated in the Dallas, TX area with plans underway to open up 2 additional showrooms and an expanded distribution center by 2022. All here locally.

We make it easy to buy! We have so many options to buy your furniture, from Lay-A-Way to credit, to no credit check. Check them out at our Payment Options page.


Our Name Brand

Cool Beans, Chicago Bulls, Chevy Bel-Air...ahh, no. We get asked what our name stands for a lot so we thought it important to brief it. We started out as Casa Bella Furniture & More. Long name huh? Yes, we've come a long way. Casa Bella simply means "Beautiful House" in Spanish (...or Italian...or Romanian). Today many of our loyal customers refer to us simply as CB. But you can call us Cheese Burger Furniture if you want. We won't get mad.

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