Easy Financing

If you want to take merchandise home and have built some credit (paid off a previous lease or personal loan for example), then doing a credit check is the best way to go. Getting approved for credit gives you a greater amount to furnish your home. The light credit check offers lower payments and interest rates. To apply, fill out our Credit Check Application and email or bring it back to the store.

Approves up to: $7,500

Early-Payment Penalty: No

Reports to Credit Bureau: Yes, Equifax

Down Payment: None

Requirements: 12 Month Reported Credit (Rent to Own Lease or Loan for example)

Documents to Submit: ID (or ITIN), Last Paystub, 3-References

Also Accept: Self-Employed, Retirement, SS, VA, Disablity

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you check my credit score before approving my financing? Yes but it is not a formal credit investigation. If you have leased something or had a personal loan for 12 months in the past and are in good standing, chances are you will get approved.

How much will I pay in interest? Interest is much lower than financing that doesn't check credit. The simple interest installment account with a fixed rate is very comparable to credit card rates.

Are there any fees for applying? No, there are no fees or charges for applying. Once approved you only pay the purchase amount and the interest charge.

Will you automatically draft my bank account? No, you can make the low-monthly payments over the phone, by mail, or in person.

Can you give me an example? Of course! If financing $1,500 you will pay $83.86 each month. This starts one approximatley 1 month after you receive your items because there is no down payment.This is based on 24-month terms. It doesn't have to be 24 months, when buying we can set you for less months that will lower your overall total even more.

Does it report to the credit bureau? Yes, your payments are reported to Equifax on a monthly basis to help you improve your credit.

Can I get ahold of the financing company without calling the store? Of course, If you lost their information (we understand it happens), here it is:

RMC Retail
Phone 1-877-973-8245
Mailing Address
9303 Monroe Road Suite A
Charlotte, NC 28270